A new way to love our neighbors!

Many of our homeless neighbors have plenty of money... That's right, some of our homeless neighbors receive anywhere from $500-1200 per month, yet they remain on the streets because they are unsupported in their use of that money. Their addictions and "friends" demand so much, the money is gone with in one or two weeks.

Recently Kingdom Causes Bellflower started a new Representative Payee Program that will help the church of the city to love these neighbors in a new way. Aura Gonzalez, a long-time volunteer, and member of Calvary Chapel Downey, has come on board to help get this program started that will help manage their money and ensure they are housed, fed and safe for the entire month and their money wont get wasted.

This program has been generously funded and supported by Bridge Builders, a faith based representative payee program that has been operating in Bakersfield for 11 years. They are providing the technical support, equipment and staffing that will help make this a great success and help the church to love some of our most vulnerable neighbors.