Eucalyptus Garden - Second Try

If any of you visited my home last summer, you learned that I am not a good gardener. I try very hard to be, but I can't seem to keep things alive and looking healthy. Last year I planted 15 tomato plants in a space where only 2 should've been planted. The garden turned into an unmanageable mess and I was scared of what could be living inside of it!

So this year I got some help. Over the last few weeks a team of helpers (made up of neighbors and friends) have been weeding, digging out old dead plants and watering to prepare the soil for the new garden. Some of the kids that helped with last year's garden (wilderness, is more like it) have been stopping by after school to water and dig. Alicia, a mom that lives in the neighborhood, came by a few days last week to help me plant the flowers. Alicia's kids along with some of my other neighbor kids helped too. Here are some pictures from the day:

Chrissy PadillaComment