Good Neighbors with Creative Ideas

On Monday, 14 neighbors attended our first Eucalyptus/Cornuta neighborhood meeting of the year. Each person had so many thoughts and ideas to share. We ended up focusing on two ideas: 1)supporting the local soccer teams by fundraising, encouraging neighbors to help with rides & attend their games and 2) promoting the neighborhood clean-up day hosted by the city this weekend. The next day I received calls from a few of the neighbors who had already begun working on some of the projects discussed at the meeting. There is so much excitement! Neighbors are pooling together their resources and using creativity to help one another. What a glimpse of the Kingdom.

Today a few of us neighbors helped with rides for Barcelona (Soccer Team 16-18yrs). We stayed for the game to support our boys. They played well, but ended up losing to the oposing team (who is in 2nd place). When we got home we went out to the neighborhood clean-up day. The city blocked off a small portion of our street to set up BRIM (Bellflower Recreation in Motion) for the kids and had a spot for snacks, arts & crafts.

I'd love to see something like this happen again during the summer. The kids need space to play. The parks are too far. I did find out that construction, where the existing railroad tracks are, is going to start in the next two months for a walk/bike path. It's still not enough space to play, but I'm hoping it's a start.
Chrissy PadillaComment