Urban Youth Workers RELOAD Conference

This weekend we took a small group to the Urban Youth Workers RELOAD Conference in Los Angeles. Heather, Lee, Mike & Madison came from Canaan Presbyterian on Palm & Clark. We love working with that church! Desiree, an awesome young leader from our neighborhood came with us, as well.

One of the workshops I went to really challenged me on how I work with the youth in the neighborhood. The worshop speaker asked if we were imposing our "middle-class" on to the kids as if that was the only way. I think I have done that from time to time without even noticing. She was teaching out of a book by Dr. Ruby Payne called "What every church member should know about poverty." It's sitting on my shelf, but I really haven't gone through in depth. I walked away resolving that I would spend more time researching the culture that surrounds me in my neighborhood. The other workshop I went to highlighted the importance of rest & Sabbath for those working with youth in an urban setting. Really... it applies to us all. They talked about how being burnt out has turned into a badge of honor. People say "I'm so busy!" as if it's something good. I'm very guilty of that. Burn out is not what God intended for his workers. If we're burnt out we're probably doing more than he asked of us.
Chrissy PadillaComment