Mentor Outing!

As a reward for meeting and accomplishing goals, our mentor team goes on an outing together. We recently went to the LA Zoo and saw many of the animals there. We were sad that there were no beavers!

I can't tell you how proud I am of both the mentors and the "mentees". We talk about Signs of Transformation, or ways in which God is changing people, and I am so encouraged that change is happening in peoples lives through the efforts of those who listen and walk alongside others. One particular "mentee" has accomplished so much in a year and continually makes strides towards self-sufficiency.

Every month we make goals and her goal this month is to walk independently and safely across a busy intersection. She is working to overcome fears that have kept her from being active for some time. She is learning to trust God to protect her, and to trust us to support her.

Great JOB!