Maria Maria

This last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting two new neighbors. On Saturday we worked with a local Bible Study group of Greenleaf Church that meets in the neighborhood to host an arts & crafts day for the kids on our street. I've learned over the past year that passing out flyers a week before doesn't work. So an hour before the event began we went out into the neighborhood and invited the kids that were around. Ryan invited two sisters named Maria to bring their families and hang out with us. They spoke a little English, but mostly Spanish. Luckily, they had a good sense of humor making my attempts to communicate in Spanish a little more welcome. As we were chatting about the neighborhood I was working on a loom to make a scarf. The Marias were very excited because looming was part of their childhood in Mexico. They asked where I got the loom and if I'd be willing to teach a class for the neighbors.

Since last weekend I've ran into the Marias twice. I'm sure we walked passed each other many other times without knowing that one day we'd be friends.

I'm exploring the idea of a sewing/knitting/looming night with the ladies in the neighborhood and some friends. It might be nice, especially before Christmas. I'll keep you posted.
Chrissy PadillaComment