Kelty Enters rehab

Our Journey with Nick goes back two years ago when we met him on the Riverbed near a Park we would have Church at. He was an "irish man"; rugged and foul in all his ways but sweet at the core.

Fast forward to about 6 months ago when he re-surfaced to Bellflowers streets and alley ways. He would join us every saturday for Breakfast and we would see him on Tuesdays.

I had helped out a friend of his and so his friend wanted me to help him out. We took him to a detox in Costa Mesa and visited him there. This is a detox facility for people cutting Alcohol cold Turkey. When we arrived for intake that day, a guy was being carted off in the Ambulence for having seizures (typical detox symptom).

He was there for the full 10 days and then went to Beacon Mission in San Pedro. This place is sweet. Old and creaky, yet super clean and organized.

He'll be there for 1 year without any outside contact. I wish we could go see him but we can't. He's in good hands.

We prayed before he went in. He was looking for a "new life".

Kelty: We pray that God cures you friend and that you can gain new eyes so you can see and enter the Kingdom.