'Our Place'

Last week Chrissy took Kristin (her 10 year old neighbor) to Rosewood Church for family night. Kristin had such a blast that she asked Chrissy if she could go to church again the next day! There were no church activities the next day so Chrissy invited her to ‘Our Place’ to hang out and pray with the prayer group that meets every Friday morning. Kristin took her up on the offer and showed up the next morning. While we were at the prayer meeting Kristin shared about what she did the night before and told us that she couldn’t wait to go back. Pat Holwerda (a prayer partner who attends Rosewood Church and lives on Eucalyptus) volunteered to take Kristin to the next family night at Rosewood.
This morning we had our weekly prayer meeting and Pat shared some awesome stories about Kristin and family night. One story that Pat shared made us all realize what an impact ‘Our Place’ is having on the neighbors. While Pat and Kristin where eating dinner at Rosewood a couple they were sitting with asked Kristin how she knew Pat. Kristin answered in a matter of fact way, “From ‘Our Place’”. It was awesome to know that she thought of ‘Our Place’ as a place to hang out and meet new people. It was great to see a connection and know that God is using this resource center to make a difference. We are super excited that Kristin got connected with Rosewood and we are excited to see what God has in store for her life.
Katie ZComment