I have a neighbor that lives in the apartments next door. He is always there. Always! If you listen carefully, you can almost always hear him. Some people might be annoyed by his loudness, but I'm comforted by it. He's always home & always watching what's going on our street. When I walk by, he yells "Neighbor!" and I reply "Hi neighbor!" back. That's usually the extent of our conversation, but I'd still consider him a friend.

On Friday mornings during the summer we are working with Pat Holwerda to pass out bread to the neighbors. It's good bread! High quality. But this last week, we had tons of it and all of the people that are good at networking in the neighborhood were not available. Katie and I decided to take a basket to my front yard and pass it out to people walking by. On our way down we ran into Neighbor (I found out his name is Manuel). He was so excited about the bread. He went door to door in his complex to tell people about it. It seemed like everyone that came up to the center the rest of that day was referred by him. What a great connection!
Chrissy PadillaComment