You never know what you will learn when you decide to sit and listen. Not talk or converse, just listen. I was able to do that a couple weeks ago with someone at the park and it was incredible what I learned. This man shared how he went from being a church going youth leader in love with sports to a drug addicted dad living with constant fear of finding money for his daughter and girlfriend. The most eye-opening thing was that he wasn’t much different than me. We both loved sports, loved youth group, love family and have both faced hard times. So what’s the difference? What made it so this man is in such a different place than me? Choices. We all make choices, big ones, small ones, and even medium-sized ones. When it comes down to it, what will our decision be each and every time we are faced with a decision? Will we continue to go down the road that the world has for us or will we turn to the truth. Choices. What will we decide?