"Bull In The China Shop"

Have you ever played phrase pictionary? I hadn’t either until last week Thursday. We had our fist open house at ‘Our Place’ last Thursday afternoon. I was a little nervous that no one would show up because we didn’t advertise as much as we should have for it. But I was wrong! About five kids showed up at 2:30pm and we played ping-pong, foosball, told stories, ate ice cream, and played pictionary with them. The best part of the afternoon, for me personally, was when Chrissy and I played phrase pictionary with the three neighborhood boys that showed up. Chrissy went first and was going to attempt to draw the phrase “bull in the china shop”. As she started drawing it out we easily guessed the first four words, but guessing the fifth word is when we ran into trouble. The word ‘shop’ is very hard to draw; we guessed things like the mall, various department stores, restaurants, a house, and even a casino. We guessed word after word and could not figure it out! Chrissy finally told us that the last word was shop – “bull in the china shop”. The boys and I looked at each other in confusion, we had never heard that phrase before – no wonder we couldn’t figure it out! We had a great laugh after that one.
I felt a real bond with the boys as we played that game. We were all laughing and working together to figure out the mystery word. We were just hanging out and being ourselves, it was a great way for all of us to get to know each other. I am so amazed at how God provides opportunity after opportunity to form relationships with the neighbors. Chrissy and I are already thinking of phrases for this week’s open house!
Katie ZComment