Project Turned To BBQ

Students from Valley Christians Missions class got an assignment to take $1.00 and see how far it could go towards helping someone. Four girls from the class combined thier dollars and bought window washing supplies. They washed enough windows to make $70. After going down to Harbor Light Mission in LA and seeing Karaoke in the Park with the Homeless they wanted to do something similar. At the same time that the students contacted me, our Homeless friends were talking about getting together in the Park. We combined the ideas and had a BBQ in the Park. We laid out mats and chairs for people to relax in while eating and having conversation. People cooked and ate side by side. We had a water balloon toss game and a Pinata. About 25 volunteers and homeless people gathered together to build Christ centered relationships.
Every Tuesday and Saturday we interact with the Homeless and so this has been a fun memory that many still reflect upon.

Thank you Valley Christian for inspiring students to be creative with Mission. It's amazing what combining resources can accomplish. Thank you Justine and Shiloh for throwing the party!