A picture of involvement

So not everyone is called to build a relationship with or minister to Homeless people.

A friend and brother at a Church in Bellflower has found a way to be involved with the Homeless and those transitioning out of Homelessness. God has gifted him with the abilities to run a successful business. He provides water to all his employees and puts out recycle bins for the bottles. He donated about 6 bags of recyclables for our Homeless Task Force team. We decided to give the bags to two of the individuals in transitional housing. A little extra money after they pay off thier monthly bills is a real blessing. The cool thing about the Recyclables is that they have to do a little work for the money and it's not just free cash. I took Patrick and the son of another tenant to Ralphs where they recycled about $25 worth of bottles. The "little guy" who is about 4 got some early work experience which him and his mom were grateful for. By the way, his mother sacrifices her small pay check once a month to cook food for the homeless on Tuesdays. Sometimes i want to tell her to keep her money but she insists that God wants her to bless others.

Thank you to our friends at Sparkle Water Management for your kind donations. It's pretty simple but impactful.