Double The Fun

This week Chrissy and I were able to hang out with the teen girls we’ve been connecting with twice. Usually on Tuesday afternoons we take the girls swimming, but this week they had 8th grade graduation. Chrissy and I didn’t want to scrap the ‘hang-out’ time completely so instead we went to a little graduation party for them. I don’t think the girls were expecting to see us because they seemed surprised when we showed up. It was so fun to hang out with them and see them all dressed up. Before Chrissy and I left the party the girls asked if we could still do a swim day sometime during the week. It was exciting to see them initiate a swim/ hang-out day with us. This was a huge step in our relationships! So, today we were able to swim with the girls and eat lots of fruit with lemon and chill powder. It is so awesome getting to know these girls and I can’t wait to see how these relationships develop.
Katie ZComment