Oak Street: The Trials in the “Real World”

May 25, 2007
Blogged by: Andrew Nishimoto

So I was walking down Oak Street the other day to just pray and better acquaint myself with the neighborhood and what it has to offer when I walked through a group of late teen early twenty year olds. One of them reminded me of someone I knew in high school so I asked him where he went to school and once it was realized we didn’t go to the same school I attempted to make some small talk with them. I quickly realized they did not want, or trust this “white boy” in their neighborhood. I then left and was quickly disheartened about my mission this summer.

I was driving home, trying to collect my thoughts and figure out my emotions. I had been on a “spiritual high” since beginning this work a couple weeks ago and this was my first real down to earth experience. Cloud nine was pulled away and I felt like I was falling. This is when I realized that God is there to catch me and that this is His work and it is not going to be easy. All this to say that, those who think everything can be fixed with some formulated plan, as I once did, have never worked these neighborhoods. This work is hard, time consuming, and takes ones whole being. Please continue to pray for me, and all of us here at Kingdom Causes and other organizations with the same mission.