Did the Good Samaritan ever come back?

My mom always asks me what I do and so mom if you read this you'll understand a little more.

About 7 churches in and around Bellflower participate in some type of food ministry to the "poor", or homeless. Oftentimes, it is merely an exchange of foods and services. I have connected with a couple of Churches and offered myself as a resource to assist people who come through the lines and are asking for more than food.

Yesterday is a good story.

"Ray" ended up limping into our office pretty beat up. Sick, fatigued, tired, dirty and looking for help, he told me that he had just come from a food pantry and talked with a lady for about an hour who referred him over to us. I assessed the situation. 54 years old. Alcoholic. Divorced. Recently Homeless. The main cause of Homelessness is a lack of supportive relationships. Mostly because "they" burn bridges. Addicts create a confusing environment in a relationship. It's like dealing with two people- the sober one and the intoxicated one. Confusing!
He went to the Church to get help. He had no place to go. He was pretty rock bottom.
He is thankful for the lady who ministered to him.

I ended up driving him to a detox in Orange County. They looked at him and requested that he fix his broken foot. I took him to the Emergency room and left him there with the number to get back to the detox.
He called me this morning. He'll spend 10 days there and then make a decision to enter more intensive rehab(which is what i suggest)

There is a little complexity that underlies all of this. A Good Samaritan ministers for an hour and then referrs him to me who referred him somewhere. He will then be referred to another place who will referr him to a job and then to a house. When does it end?

I feel like the story of the Good Samaritan leaves us hanging a litle bit. We know that the Samaritan stops, assesses and then referrs the person to an inn. They are then on their way. Does the Samaritan ever come back to see the person that was helped? Maybe the Samaritan wanted to come back but had some really important business to take care of? Who knows?

What is our responsibility as a Church for those who come to us in need? How much of our time and lives are we required to give?

I called the Church and tried to speak to the "Good Samaritan" who ministered to "Ray". The secretary said the lady wasn't a member and seemed shocked that I would call back to get her involved. I wanted to give her the opportunity to stay involved in "ray's" rehabilitation process if she would like. He needs to rebuild his supportive network!

I hope she calls and we can speak.