Signs of Transformation

Two years ago with our propane stove under the freeway overpass we met Kenny.
A relationship formed between him and many others who were part of Outreach and Engagement.

We would see him on Tuesdays and Saturdays and as we drove through a parking lot near a local food joint. He would come and chat. We would ask about his girlfriend and what he had been up to. Often times he would initiate good conversations which would lead us into prayer for sobriety and clarity for the future.

Many felt connected to Kenny because of prayer times. Each anticipating the next time we would see him and hope he was ready to live into sobriety.

Last week he gave me a small cardboard sign with a contact number and a message. I contacted the number and it was his mom. I talked with her and she let me know how much she anticipated some healthy direction for her son. Her other son had just got clean and she was delighted that Kenny seemed ready.

We got together with Kenny and his mom and talked about options for sobriety. We took him down to the Long Beach Rescue Mission where we talked with a Chaplain. I watched as the Chaplain asked Kenny about what it meant to be a Christian. He asked Kenny if he believed one part of him could be perfect. Kenny reflected that he was pretty bad- that his mental thoughts were wrong and that his physical body wanted to consume unhealthy things.

By the time we left the office, Kenny had energy about the idea that the Holy Spirit is perfect and once it was inside of him, it would guide and direct his mental thoughts and his physical actions.

Kenny is currently on his 6th day at the Mission and is awaiting entrance to a 1 year program.

Praise the Lord. He changes people!
Pray for Kenny. He wants a change!