Elementary Students Mentor Adult in Gardening (humbling & humorous!)

The Horticulture Program at Long Beach City College donated 5 flats of herbs, vegetables & flowers for us to plant in the neighborhood. I need to wait for my friend to get back before we plant any, because if I am in charge, the plants will surely die! Some of my favorite girls from the street walked by and helped me water them all. A few weeks ago they came over to see my mini lettuce garden (which was looking great at the time). When they saw it today, all shrivelled up from either too much water or lack of water, they offered their help in keeping the other plants alive. I found it pretty humorous. They're in 1st & 3rd grade! I'll try to get some pictures of our little project. If you have any gardening advice... please pass it on to me!
Chrissy PadillaComment