I just had a cool encounter in my front yard. It confirms that I should spend more time there instead of in my cubicle. Very convenient! Anyway, today I sat outside during the time when parents and kids are walking back from school to promote the photography class that's going to start in 2 weeks. A kid that I usually see on Wednesday nights when I'm riding the Blue Bus walked up to where I was sitting. I gave him a flyer and expected that to be the end of the conversation since he was with his friends and usually is "too cool" when they're around. To my surprise he asked if we could pray. The friend with him said that he didn't want to pray because he would get in trouble with his parents. (I guess they barely allow him to go on Wednesday night to Bethel's Kick It.) When I asked him what was going on he told me that he almost got in a fight a few minutes earlier and didn't want to get in another. He didn't offer any other details, but immediately bowed is head and put his hands together. So we prayed a short prayer in my front yard while some other kids walked by. It was a reminder that God is always at work in people... even pre-teen boys that act like they don't care about a thing. Good lesson.
Chrissy PadillaComment