Photography Class

After working with the neighbors and doing some research on the gaps of services offered for our neighborhood, we've decided to start a photography class for kids. The neighbors explained that there's a lack of opportunity for their kids to express themselves in the arts. Classes are offered around here, but the cost is too high for most families and the locations are not within walking distance. A group of us started discussing different ideas after our neighbor prayer time of Friday mornings. We thought about music classes, painting, dance, and so on. In the end, we decided that a photography class would be a good starting point. Our goal is to start the six-week trial class in April. We're offering the class to 15 fourth, fifth and sixth graders in our neighborhood. We've already made connections with the owner of Phillight Studio (the new photo studio on Bellflower that is awesome) who has offered to teach a class and bring the kids in to use the studio for free. If you are interested in volunteering or teaching a class, please contact Chrissy at (562) 266-7938. We've proposed a funding partnership with a local non-profit and we're asking for businesses to donate new digital cameras and supplies. Pray that both proposals come through.

Our desire is to expand the photography class in the future to different age groups, and eventually offer some other art classes. In the meantime we're going ahead with plans for this class and listening to the neighbors for other great ideas.