Rocky turned 40!

This was our Theory: There is a need (People on the streets are isolated and hopeless) and a solution (Hopeless people are ispired through interaction with spirit-filled people).

We met Rocky about a year ago near an off-ramp of the 91 Freeway. Each Tuesday, someone would go see Rocky, bring him a lunch and make sure he got a ride hooked up for the showers on Saturday.

He is a gatekeeper in his pen area, with seniority that goes back years. Humbly spirited and bright, he enjoys writing and telling you the latest news.

He was always open for prayer and dialogue about what he thought worked in his life compared with principles that Jesus calls us to live by.

Two months ago after asking him how much longer he was going to live out on the streets, he answered: "when i turn 40, i'm getting off the streets".

A week before his Birthday, we got him in touch with Atlas 7 in Norwalk and filled out the paperwork for his Rehabilitation. He is currently waiting to hear back and we are praying that God's timing comes soon.

Please keep him in your prayers!