I kill plants. I love them and appreciate their beauty, but I just can't keep them alive. Perhaps it's because I'm a procrastinator and not a very disciplined waterer. When I moved into my house a few months ago I had grandiose plans for the two dirt patches with dying rose bushes in the front yard. I even went so far as to google the types of plants that do well in Bellflower climate.

It's been four months now, and I've only watered the patches 4 or 5 times (2 of those during the last week). Last week, I noticed some green-onion-like sprouts popping up. I thought it might just be a weed, but I continued to water them. To my surprise, a bright yellow daffodil bloomed over the sunny weekend. I'm so proud!

I feel like it was my hard work that made it happen, but really, all I did was water it twice. Someone that lived there before me must have planted the bulbs. They were the ones that invested their time and money.

What a spiritual lesson!!