Eucalyptus Neighbor Cafecita Update

Last Thursday night 12 neighbors and friends from the community met to discuss the vision for the Eucalyptus neighborhood. We started off the meeting by introducing ourselves and a talent or gift that we each have. Lucky for us, most of the people attending said they had the gift for cooking! Many of the neighbors had just met one another for the first time that night. The questions was asked "If God did a miracle in this neighborhood... what would you want it to be?" The two main responses were less drugs/gangs and salvation for the neighbors. People also expressed a desire to see neighbors becoming friends and parents working together to plan activities for the kids. The next question asked was "What can we (the neighbors) do to make this dream a reality?" There were many great ideas shared. We decided to have another meeting in January. Some of the ladies suggested having a breakfast where they would cook tamales and chilaquiles... we quickly agreed. We tentatively set the date for the breakfast on Saturday, January 20th @ 9am. We agreed to go home and tell our neighbors about the next meeting. What a great night!
Chrissy PadillaComment