Dynamic Church

This dynamic church must enlighten, but first it is.
Philosophy says one must be before one can act.
Before all else, the church has this task;
To be, to build itself up.
I continuously invite you, dear friends,
To view this purpose above all in my poor words.
They do not try to confront anyone;
I am not fighting with anyone.
I am helping Christ to build his church and calling on all of you who are baptized,
Who are the church,
To make yourselves aware,
To work together,
So that we may make of this pilgrim people
Truly a torch to enlighten the world.
So, let no one hear my words with a polemic spirit.
I do not want to be an opposition,
As was said of me this week.
I want to be simply an affirmation.
When one says yes to one’s own conviction,
One is not confronting,
One is simply affirming oneself.
Naturally, some others don’t think the same way
And thus confrontation arises, but not because one means to seek it.

Oscar Romero – 08/20/78