Successful Homeless Outreach in Bellflower

I just wanted to share a short praise report with those of you who were unable to participate in the Breakfast and Showers hosted by Calvary Baptist just over a week ago. Eric and I went out and did some promotion on Friday night (August 25) and talked with several people who said they would be interested in showing up, at one point I was worried that we might have too many people show up. That concern dissipated the next morning when no one met us at our planned meeting spots. Eventually we ended up crossing paths with a few guys who were interested. Five guys showed up (Nick, Rudy, Homer, Marty and Mike).

Allan and the other men at Calvary did a great job of hosting this group and making them feel welcome. The guys really appreciated the showers and we learned that it might be helpful to have some extra T-shirts and pants available for the guys to change into. (No one likes to put dirty clothes on after cleaning up…) After cleaning up the church guys had a great breakfast planned and it went really well.

Special thanks to Eric, DW, Keith, Allan and John who came out to help make these guys feel welcome too. I think we learned a good deal from this event and I hope we will be able to do it again.

Thanks to Allan for getting the church to open its doors to these guys.

I believe God is honored by our commitment to serving these our neighbors.