Good Soil Industries



What is GSI?
Good Soil Industries is a social enterprise (a non-profit business) with a mission to help Bellflower’s hard-to-hire men work their way out of poverty.  We do this by providing 3-6 month transitional jobs for men with records and other employment barriers through our landscape social enterprise business, which provides services for over 100 local commercial and residential properties.  In the last year, we have provided workforce development training, discipleship, and the dignity of earning a paycheck for over 20 men in our community.

Why is GSI important for Bellflower? 
Good Soil Industries is Bellflower’s only “second chance employment” program!  Second chance employers becoming increasingly crucial for communities because of recent prison reform legislation which has resulted in the early release and shortening of sentences for many in the prison system.  These men and women are returning to our community in search of rehabilitation, gainful employment, and stable housing, but carry with them a record that makes finding these opportunities very difficult.  Bellflower needs more programs like GSI to help these men and women become contributing members of our community by providing discipleship, life skills training, and a pathway to financial self sufficiency through good old-fashioned hard work.  Without programs like GSI to provide lawful employment and training, where will those go who are desperate to turn over a new leaf in life?

Ready to hire GSI to take care of the yard of your home, business, or church?  
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