Our MISSION is to be a catalyst that inspires, connects and mobilizes people towards personal and community transformation.

Our MOTTO is we love Bellflower together in ways that no individual church or person can do alone! 

Healthy Individuals, Youth & Family People experience life-giving relationships and have access to the resources needed to develop holistically

Vibrant Church of the City The Body of Christ is mature, exhibits cooperation and displays visible unity

Thriving Neighborhoods Individuals, associations and institutions are interdependent and contribute to the well being of all


Christ Centered The hope for Bellflower and all who live here is Jesus.  He is the one that sets our focus, direction and purpose.  It is His Name alone that we want to see glorified.

Relational We strongly believe that all of us are better than any of us.  We value people over program and relationships over systems.  As bridge-builders, we work for both unity in the Christian community of faith and to build collaborations with anyone in Bellflower working for the good of the whole community.

Holistic The goal is to see Bellflower transformed.  This means we want to look at both it’s physical and spiritual condition.  We agree that when it comes to the role of the church in Bellflower it is the “whole church needing to take the whole Gospel to the whole city.”  This is our Great Commission.

Indigenous It’s your city, seek it’s peace and prosperity.  We believe that within Bellflower God has already placed most, if not all, of the resources necessary to bring about its transformation.  We seek to identify, empower and support local citizens and their leaders.